Art./Item: sc421  

Descrizione/Description: Tarot Draconis

Artwork by Davide Corsi

Edizione/Publisher: Lo Scarabeo

Numero Carte/Number of cards: 78

Istruzioni: Italiano, Francese, Inglese, Tedesco, Spagnolo, Portoghese.
Instructions: Italian, French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

Tiratura: .
Limited Edition: Not.

Dimensioni carte/Dimensions deck: cm. 6,6 x 12

Prezzo/Price: €. 20.50

Tarot Draconis

A number of years after the first of the Dragons Tarot, Lo Scarabeo invited David Corsi (artist of the Vampire Tarot of Eternal Night, The Tarot of the Elves, and the Pictorial Key Tarot) to create a deck. Corsi knows how to embody the magic and the primitive purity of dragons. His work is the perfect marriage between the expressive and the epic grandeur of the classic fantasy style and the iconic power of the traditional Tarot. A deck able to surprise and delight.

Immagini & Testo - Copyright © 2013 Lo Scarabeo.

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