" "  Crystals are the most orderly and perfect form of the mineral kingdom. Their primitive energy opens to us a vast horizon, in fact with them we can put order to our spiritual and psychic energies and find the right balance both for ourselves and for others. Each stone, gem and crystal is unique just like a fingerprint and its use serves to balance human energies. Natural crystals are available in a vast range of shapes and sizes.

" "Chakras is a very ancient word that means "Wheel", "Vortex". In the body there are 144 Chakras or energy fulcrums that interact between the physio body and the etheric body. The most important are 7 and are placed on the spine. Through the Chakras one can transmit and receive spiritual, physical and emotional energy. By unlocking the energy of one's Chakras by placing the corresponding minerals one can improve one's Physical and Spiritual Health.

7° Chakra Plexus of Crown Trasparent/Gold Hyaline Quartz/Gold
6° Chakra Third Eye Purple/Indigo Amethyst/Fluorite
5° Chakra Thyroid Plexus Blue Sodalite/Blue Agate
4° Chakra Cardiac Plexus Pink/Green Rose Quartz/Green Agate
3° Chakra Solar Plexus Yellow Tiger's Eye/Citrine Quartz
2° Chakra Reproductive Plexus Orange/Red Red Jasper/Carnelian Agate
1° Chakra Plexus Sacral Black Hematite/Black Onyx

" "Anti-Stress Bag contains various tumbled stones, from Ialino Quartz to Carnelian, from Rose Quartz to Sodalite. Through the positive energies of each stone one can perceive the natural magic of the Universe reaching a balance with the Earth and the Sky. The pleasant contact with the stones and their sweet rustling between the fingers gives serenity and a pleasant sense of peace. The bag brought with it will allow to have a pleasant "Reserve" of soothing and relaxing energy.