Quantum Tarot

Quantum Tarot
Chris Butler - Kay Stropforth
Lo Scarabeo
Production Year
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EN - IT - FR - DE - ES
Limited Edition
Number of Cards
cm. 12 x 7
gr. 360
List Price
30.00 EUR
28.00 EUR
Tarocchi, Tarots
Culturali, Cultural
Combinando le teorie rivoluzionarie della fisica dei secoli XX e XXI con la saggezza senza età dei Tarocchi, il Quantum Tarot conduce il lettore in un viaggio straordinario alla scoperta dell'universo fisico e spirituale. Attraverso vivide immagini fotografiche, gli Arcani illuminano il mondo complesso e affascinante della scienza, dell'atomo alle galassie.

Combining the revolutionary theories of 20th and 21st century physics and traditional tarot wisdom, the Quantum Tarot takes the reader on a journey of discovery through a unique physical and spiritual universe. <br> Using vivid photographic imagery, the cards illuminate the fascinating, complex world of modern science. Chris Butler: "This new version will transport you into the same magical universe as the original but when you open your eyes, you’ll find your surroundings brought to you in more vivid focus. I love this new version.<br />Both Kay and I feel we’ve finally been able to create the deck we would have ideally created back in 2006 but didn’t have the experience to create at the time. We hope that you as the reader will find your reading experience enriched by this new edition. Lo Scarabeo certainly have a few surprises up their sleeve. The deck will feature UV spot printing; where key features and symbols within the card images will be highlighted with gloss varnish. Creating the digital masks for the print process was a massive challenge for me, taking me into uncharted territory on a technical level."

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