Esoteric Corner

" " The Pyramid of Cheops, located in the Giza Plain, facing Cairo, still represents one of the greatest mysteries of the history of humanity. The great Pyramid of Cheops "begun" by the Pharaoh with a magical night ritual, would have very particular characteristics and powers, just magic. It would therefore be an accumulator, generator and reflector of positive energies and vibrations called "waves of form". Based on this assumption, models in Copper, Hyaline Quartz and other Stones are on sale at our store.

" "        The Pendulum of Fortune. The experiments with the pendulum should be inserted in the most extensive series of techniques of rhabdomancy (a word composed by the Greek wand + divination), consisting in searching for hidden persons or things by observing the oscillations of a stick. An instrument that also enables man to do astrological research, affective, financial, etc ... Brass pendulums, Wood, Swarovski crystal, Hyaline Quartz and other stones are on sale.

" "   The Gnomes.  The Duendes, Brazilian gnomes, give positive vibrations to the home and to those who receive them. They take away the negative waves, magnetize the place they inhabit, spread the joy and prosperity. They are available in different sizes and each is equipped with a Crystal or a Stone.

" "   The Oracle of the RunesMagical and prophetic Runes are part of the cultural tradition of the Vikings. According to legend, the runes were discovered by the god Odin who spread them among his people as a symbol of knowledge and recognition of all the mysteries of gods and men. They are made up of 25 pieces that allow for greater clarity on the problems that concern us.

" "      The Divinatory Sphere. There are traces of it at the beginning of humanity, among the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, China, Japan, etc. It was born based on the conceptuality of the perfection of the circle, symbol of the cosmos and therefore of absolute completeness. The sphere represents the "Inner Circle" of potential spiritual energy that is in every man. They are available in Murano Crystal, Hyaline Quartz and other Stones.